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Kiss Precision Nail Clipper CLP01
Barcode: 731509017373

Kiss Beautiful Tool Kit KPLK03
Barcode: 731509692518

Kiss 10X Magnifying Mirror MIR01
Barcode: 731509506563

Kiss Glass File F226
Barcode: 731509659795

Kiss Beautiful Brow Kit KPLK02
Barcode: 731509567311

Kiss Toe Nail Clipper CLP03
Barcode: 731509017397

Kiss Essential Travel Kit-RTM01
Barcode: 731509513547

Kiss Cuticle Scissor SCI03
Barcode: 731509017427

Kiss 4-Way Nail Grinder F224
Barcode: 731509659771

Kiss Grooming Scissors SC101

Barcode: 731509017403

Kiss Point Tip Tweezer TWZ03
Barcode: 731509017236

Kiss 3-Step Nail Buffer F227

Barcode: 731509659801

Kiss Emery Boards F225
Barcode: 731509659788

Kiss Acrylic File F223

Barcode: 731509659764

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